Our offer consists of services related to consulting and expertise in the areas of risk prevention, property valuation and technical assistance for professionals and companies concerned with the management of their fixed assets and their heritage.

Technical audit

Building pathology

• Pathology (structural work, finishing work, housing)
• Technical Installations
• Thermal studies, measurements and controls
• Audit and specific technical advice

Risk management

• Technical Audit before Acquisition (Due diligence)
• Safety of goods and people
• Ten-year warranty end Audit
• Guarantee of perfect completion, Guarantee of good working order

Negotiation assistance Decision-making support

• Technical negotiation
• Inventory of fixtures
• Technical arbitration

Technical assistance

Technical management

• Technical monitoring of assets
• Technical representation for after-sales service


• Pathology & specific malfunctions

Claims assistance

• Advice on managing claims under an insurance deductible
• Assistance with costing and post-claim damage (Building, GTI, fittings, embellishments)

Project management assistance

• Management of renovation and refurbishment works project


Evaluation of works

• Multi-year plan, CAPEX
• Costing of works
• Analysis of estimates
• Global technical Diagnosis

Estimation of values

• Real estate valuation: market value, rental value
• Preliminary valuations for insurance purposes

Valuation of service provider networks

• Assessment of the technical quality of services provided by the networks of partner craftsmen

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